Posted by: teklekjowo | September 19, 2009

Canggu Villas, Favorites for Surfers and Nature Lovers

Bali is blessed by the hot sunny weather all year around, with perfect breaks almost on every beach. This aspect has made Bali legendary as paradise for surfing. One of the most famous beaches to go surfing is Canggu. Some Canggu villas or cottages are built right on the beach or within walking distance from the beach. These properties are the best retreats after all day long playing with the waves, catching the best surf breaks. Canggu beach is not just perfect for experienced surfers but also for beginners. Apart from that, Canggu is not just famous for its beach but also for the entire surroundings which are serene, tranquil, and comforting. There is a must-visit place in Canggu called Canggu Club, a favorite for expatriates and holidaymakers looking for excitements, from spa, sports, to kids’ activities. Another highlight that makes the travelers love to stay in luxury villas in Bali specifically Canggu is the natural surrounding that enables you to embrace the paddy rice fields view and also many locals often conduct special ceremonies, adding the more unique viewing experiences for the travelers. Make sure you stay in one of the most recommended Canggu villas for one night or two. Last of all, we can say that villas in Canggu are perfect for honeymooners, families, and singles.



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