Posted by: teklekjowo | November 7, 2009

A paradise on earth

Cool winds, clear night skies, fresh air, the breeze of sea water and a lot more that would behold you once you get to experience Indonesia to its finest, particularly in Bali where there are a lot of places where you’d call it as a paradise on earth. Talk to anyone who’ve come to Indonesia and I’m sure that they’ll you that these things are all true.
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Posted by: teklekjowo | October 30, 2009

Bali villas

Bali luxury private villas are the best places to take a vacation. They provide comfort, privacy, and tons of luxury. The various locations of Bali luxury private villas have something for everyone. If you want to be close to the ocean then you can choose from many Bali villas that are on the beach front or within walking distance to the beach. Bali luxury private villas can accommodate any size family as well. They range from one bedroom to six bedroom houses making them great for large familys or couples on a romantic vacation. I would recommend taking a vacation to a luxury Bali villa.

Posted by: teklekjowo | October 23, 2009

Kuta: City that Never Sleeps!

Every vacation in Bali, especially if you choose Kuta as your base, should be about experiencing something new and exciting, visiting new places you have never been and doing things you have never tried before. Accordingly, we suggest you to try everything, but in a good way. During your stay in one of the most stylish Kuta hotels, don’t miss experiencing spa treatments and Balinese massages. Many people also have a preference to enjoy the foot reflexology or Balinese back massage done by therapist on Kuta beach while enjoying the most delightful sunset view that makes Kuta beach even more popular. Read More…

Posted by: teklekjowo | September 19, 2009

Canggu Villas, Favorites for Surfers and Nature Lovers

Bali is blessed by the hot sunny weather all year around, with perfect breaks almost on every beach. This aspect has made Bali legendary as paradise for surfing. One of the most famous beaches to go surfing is Canggu. Some Canggu villas or cottages are built right on the beach or within walking distance from the beach. These properties are the best retreats after all day long playing with the waves, catching the best surf breaks. Canggu beach is not just perfect for experienced surfers but also for beginners. Apart from that, Canggu is not just famous for its beach but also for the entire surroundings which are serene, tranquil, and comforting. There is a must-visit place in Canggu called Canggu Club, a favorite for expatriates and holidaymakers looking for excitements, from spa, sports, to kids’ activities. Another highlight that makes the travelers love to stay in luxury villas in Bali specifically Canggu is the natural surrounding that enables you to embrace the paddy rice fields view and also many locals often conduct special ceremonies, adding the more unique viewing experiences for the travelers. Make sure you stay in one of the most recommended Canggu villas for one night or two. Last of all, we can say that villas in Canggu are perfect for honeymooners, families, and singles.

Posted by: teklekjowo | September 6, 2009

Why stay in a Bali Villa

Choosing to stay in a Bali villa as opposed to a standard hotel room offers a heightened sense of privacy. You are free to come and go as you choose, without the hassle of worrying whether you are disturbing others in the process. A dedicated team of villa staff or attendants cater to all your needs during your stay. This one-on-one personalized service is the epitome you can avail at any of the Villas in Bali. Be it a personal chef you can request for preferred dishes, to an in-house spa attendant that brings traditional spa and beauty treatments right at your own room.
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Posted by: teklekjowo | August 31, 2009

Bliss in a Bali Villa

We have just returned from four blissful days in a Bali villa and what we can say was that it was heaven. This was our second stay at Villas in Bali and although prices were higher than last year, it was still worth every cent. The villa we stayed in had a beautiful private pool with an attached jacuzzi, an idyllic outside bathroom with sunken bath, rainfall shower, fish pond and a beautiful bale beside the pool where I lazily spent my afternoons just relaxing to my hearts content.

The villas are beautiful and secluded and everyone in the compound was so gracious and kind, from the office staff to the pool attendants. This experience is definitely a cut above the rest from all hotel resorts we have stayed in. I can agree with most reviews of the place that service is very much comparable with any five-star hotel anywhere. The rates may be the same but the service, food and accommodation is something else. If anyone is looking for a luxurious and peaceful getaway, these villas are definitely the best option and best recommendation for you to experience peace, tranquility and relaxation. In other words, bliss on earth, in your very own private Bali villa.

Posted by: teklekjowo | July 30, 2009

The most enchanting experience for every holiday lover

Magnificently situated on the hottest island, all cheap private villas in Bali tastefully fuse stylish contemporary design with idyllic elegance. Offering gracious Balinese hospitality, cheap private villas in Bali bring together the legendary heritage as well as the-state-of-the-art facilities. With so many kindnesses you find at cheap Bali villas, anyone can make new fascinating vacation, may be the best ever. Even better, from the first glance you will be greeted by the warmth and hospitality of the staff. Cheap Bali villas focus on giving only the highest standard of hospitality services. Read More…

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Would you like to stay in a villa in Seminyak?

My husband and I were very lucky recently. We won quite a bit of money on the lottery. After we set aside the money for the taxes, we set up college funds for our children. Then, we bought a piece of land and started construction of our dream home. We traded our old cars in on new vehicles. We sat down with each family member and asked them to disclose some very personal information. We asked them how much they owed on all of their bills, and we paid them off for them. Then, we asked each family member, would you like to stay in a villa in Seminyak? We planned an extended family vacation to Seminyak. We included all of our loved ones and gave them an all expenses paid trip.

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Bali Cheap Villas, You Can Have It All

Villas in Bali are renowned as the oasis of fine hospitality and enduring Balinese elegance. All of villas offer the true peace, luxuriously-designed guest rooms, and private pool. Even at the cheap Bali villas you can have it all. These idyllic hideaways are featured by the authentic Balinese warmth through the personalized butler services, the latest in technology as well as the complete facilities and amenities. It’s needless to say if Bali cheap villas are ideal both for discerning leisure and business guests. Mixing the comfort of private tropical home and attentive services, Bali cheap villas are welcome retreats in this Island of Gods.

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We are planning to stay in the Jimbaran villas

My husband and I are planning a trip to Bali. We are planning to stay in the Jimbaran villas. I love to go on beach vacations. I especially love beach vacations, if they are in exotic locales. My husband prefers hunting and fishing trips. We decided to go to Bali, and stay in a villa in Jimbaran, because we can both have our dream vacation there. I can enjoy the beach and the water while my husband enjoys the wonderful fishing that Jimbaran is known for.

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